South Wrigley

The neighborhood takes its name from the chewing gum business magnate William Wrigley, Jr.  Lose your way among the mature trees and vintage homes that define one of Long Beach’s most intact historic communities

Distance: 3.45 Miles  |  Difficulty:  ●●

Begin this journey walking south on Pacific Avenue through WRIGLEY VILLAGE, the commercial heart of the neighborhood made up of markets, restaurants, the YMCA PLAY-AND-LEARN, and the WRIGLEY HISTORIC LANDMARK DISTRICT. Head west through the neighborhood before turning north on Eucalyptus Avenue, through the ❶ WRIGLEY HISTORIC LANDMARK DISTRICT. While the entire Wrigley Area retains a large portion of its original housing stock, including cottages, duplexes and courtyard-style apartments, these two blocks are officially designated as a historic landmark district. Two blocks over, go south on the ❷ DAISY AVENUE GREENBELT, which hosts the annual Daisy Avenue Christmas Tree Lane Parade.  Walk four blocks west on 19th Street until reaching ❸ CRESSA PARK, the pocket-size nature preserve tucked between homes and the
Los Angeles River.  Head north on San Francisco Avenue  through the colonnade of grand palm trees on the
2000 block until zigging west to the 21ST/ HILL STREET MINI PARK and eventually ascending to the ❹ LOS ANGELES RIVER PATH. From this vantage point is the most naturalized portion of the river through Long Beach, with wetlands vegetation and wildlife thriving in the otherwise inhospitable environment.  Come down from the raised pathway around 25th Street to reach the Willow Street portion of the WRIGLEY VILLAGE business district. Duck back into the residential neighborhood on Chestnut Avenue to walk by ❺ LAFAYETTE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL named after the Marquis de Lafayette, the French General who helped the colonists win the American Revolutionary War. Take a left on Hill Street for two more blocks until reaching Pacific Avenue and the beginning of the stroll.

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