Our Mission:
making Long Beach more
walkable, one step at a time

At its core, Walk Long Beach (WLB) is about creating and strengthening more sustainable and equitable communities through the lens of walkability and pedestrian safety. This includes advocacy for more walkable neighborhoods and commercial districts, better pedestrian connections to schools, activity centers and corridors, senior and social service centers, and access to public transit. Long Beach, like many medium to large-sized cities, is made up of a series of neighborhoods and districts. Some of these are physically walkable, but suffer from neglect, and/or experience environmental conditions or safety concerns that making walking uncomfortable or unsafe. Other areas are more typically suburban and were not designed to be walkable. Each of these situations will require different design and community outreach strategies, but will require expertise, community organizing, and advocacy.

Walk Long Beach (WLB) works to promote walkability and pedestrian safety within neighborhoods and corridors in the Greater Long Beach area. More specifically, WLB is promoting the adoption Vision Zero policy and pedestrian plans and policies by the Long Beach City Council, continuing to expand the walking loop card program, and help to establish a broad network of walking clubs and supporting organizations through community outreach and events. WLB continues to expand its programs and solidify its network of walkers, supporters and community outreach partners.