Wrigley Central  

One of Long Beach's first streetcar neighborhoods, Wrigley remains well served by local and regional transit. Filled with vintage cottages and mature trees, this walk should be mad with your realtor in tow. 

Distance: 2.5 Miles   |   Difficulty:  ●●

Stepping off of the Metro Blue Line Willow Street platform towards Long Beach Boulevard,the view east is blanketed by ❶ MEMORIAL HOSPITAL. Walking northbound adjacent to the medical campus, there are over a half dozen examples of mid & late-century modern buildings.  Crossing at Columbia Street, the path leads into the southern tip of Memorial Heights, an eclectic neighborhood of old and new homes and apartment buildings.  Crossing the light rail tracks to the west towards Spring Street is ❷ VETERANS MEMORIAL PARK, providing a glimpse into this activity-rich community park.  Resuming west into the Wrigley neighborhood, pre- and post-war homes harken back to early television shows like Leave it to Beaver.  Here it will be appropriate to have a higher step to your walk as the mature street trees do lift the concrete along portions of the sidewalk, a reasonable trade-off for the dense urban forest along streets like Magnolia and Chestnut Avenue.  The DAISY AVENUE MEDIANS alludes to a vestige of the past as a former inter-urban rail line crossing through Long Beach.  Upon reaching the berm of the Los Angeles River, and along Deforest Avenue, there is a unique tract of Ranch-style homes fronting onto a greenbelt.  Go southeast back through Wrigley to magnolia avenue.  Upon reaching the commercial district, Willow Street offers ❹ BUONO'S PIZZA, a classic staple of the neighborhood’s culinary offerings.  Continue walking northeast to Pacific Avenue, there is ❺ PACIFIC HOSPITAL, where a lush central courtyard awaits for those adventurous enough to enter.  Going east between the California native gardens of the JACKIE ROBINSON ACADEMY and recreation fields of Veterans Memorial Park will complete the journey in scenic fashion.

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