This walk uses green Step Back viewing devices placed throughout the East Village an d Downtown core to tell the story of Downtown Long Beach's evolution.

Distance: 2.18 Miles  |  Difficulty:  

Start at the first STEP BACK VIEWER ❶ and peer through to see a 1960s view of the Travelodge opposite you with the Villa Riviera and other residential high rises in the background. This motel stood as an example of commercial Mid-Century Modern design until it was renovated in 1999. Go north on Atlantic, and turn left onto Broadway. Notice the INN OF LONG BEACH, a 1960s design by architect Edward A. Killingsworth which has since been remodeled. Turn right onto Linden, and take note of the Modernist LINDEN TOWERS at the corner of 3rd. Make a left at 4th. On your right is the EAST VILLAGE CREATIVE OFFICES. The original 1930s Egyptian Revival Style facade was covered during a 1980s remodel, and then reintroduced during a 2009 renovation. Turn left onto Elm, and then right onto Broadway and to the STEP BACK VIEWER ❷ located just before Promenade. Through it you'll see the PSYCHIC TEMPLE in the 1960s, with the now-renovated EDISON BUILDING in rear. The Psychic Temple was built as the headquarters for a local cult, then converted to a hotel before being reused as offices by interTrend Communications in 201S. At Broadway + Magnolia you will find STEP BACK VIEWER ❸ in front of the DEUKMEJIAN COURTHOUSE. Look through to see the LONG BEACH SAFETY AND COUNTY BUILDINGS under construction in the 19SOs. Walk north on Magnolia, turning right onto 3rd opposite a pair of 1960s apartment buildings with "Califuji Rooflines," rarely found outside of our region. Make a right onto Promenade, a stretch of Locust Street transformed into a pedestrian walkway in the 1970s as part of the Long Beach Plaza Mall. While the mall is lost, the original Locust Street storefronts remain. At 1st turn left and walk through the Transit Gallary to return to the beginning of the route.

Download Step Back Downtown Long Beach Card Here.