Pow!Wow! 2016 West

The international street art festival POW! WOW! returns for its sophomore performance with more artists doing work in more neighborhoods. This walking loop catches the west installations in Downtown Long Beach.

Distance: 2.47 Miles  |  Difficulty:  

Begin the west tour of the street art festival from the Psychic Temple and ground zero for all things POW! WOW! Head east on Broadway past murals by Long Beach native ❶ DAVE VAN PATTEN at the Made Agency and PANTONE at the Hotel Royal. Head up Linden Avenue, turning west on 6th Street for a piece by ERNEST ZACHAREVIC at 419 East 6th Street. Zig zag northwest toward 8th Street and Pine Avenue to see a pair of murals at Toxic Toast Records, one by
❷ SARAH JONCAS and the other by BRANDAN MONRO & EVAH FAN. Walk south along Pine Avenue and jog over to the Promenade along 3rd Street where you can catch a glimpse of the WPA era mural, Long Beach Recreation by Henry Nord, Albert King & Stanton Macdonald Wright. Across the street is a mural by ❸ TELMO MIELon the Mark Schneider Jewelry building. Continue south along the Promenade, downhill from Ocean Boulevard before heading east along Seaside Way under the Terrace Theater Plaza. There you will find a collection of murals including ❹ DEFER's 2016 POW WOW! contribution on the parking garage. Ascend the steps up to the Terrace Theater Plaza and across Ocean Boulevard to the Westin Hotel to come upon a mural in their courtyard painted by ❺ THE DRACULAS. Loop around the block on to the alleys around the Edison Building to OG23’s mural on Alta Way,Jaime Molina and DRAGON76 at Edison Building north alley. Hop back onto 1st Street and then up Waite Court before the Bike Station to see the last piece of the tour by HITOTZUKI, which also happens to be where the walk started. 

DETOUR:SEAN "HULA" YORO under Queensway Bridge and PANTONIO at Aquarium of the Pacific.

Download Pow!Wow! 2016 West Card Here.