Pow!Wow! 2016 East

The international street art festival POW! WOW! returns for its sophomore performance with more artists doing work in more neighborhoods. This walking loop catches the east installations and those a little but further out.

Distance: 2.47 Miles  |  Difficulty:  

Start the east leg of the street art festival from the Art Theater, which anchors the 4th Street Retro Row commercial district and hosts some of the POW! WOW! evening programming. Here you will find a mural by Kasinik on The Center and a piece by Cinta Vidal on the back of the Art Theater. Hook around the alley for a block or so. Heading east on 4th Street will come upon a mural on the LB United Boxing Club by ❶ TELMO MIEL. Continue east past non-POW! WOW! commissioned but local landmark artwork at Mercado #2, the Senior Center and 4th Street Auto Center. Take a quick loop up Zona Place and left onto 5th Street until reaching Alamitos. Head south along Alamitos past murals by ❷ 123KLAN & OG SLICK at Liberty Gallery and
❸ GAIL WERNER at Super Suds Laundromat at the northeast corner of Appleton Street. Turn east on Appleton to get the best view of Gail’s work before jogging over to 3rd Street through the Alamitos Beach neighborhood. Along 3rd Street are a variety of architectural gems including the Ebell Club, Rose Towers [not really towering] and Alamitos Branch Library. Turn up Cherry to the Edsel Plaza and the beginning of the eastern tour of
2016 POW! WOW! 

DETOUR:SKET ONE at Redondo and 7th Street [674 Redondo Avenue], ❺ ANDREW HEM, EDWIN USHIRO & YOSKAY at Steelhead Coffee [1208 East Wardlow Road], ❻ MR44 at the Expo Arts Center [4321 Atlantic Avenue] and JAMES HAUNT at La Bodega Mexicana [6001 Atlantic Avenue].

Download Pow!Wow! 2016 East Card Here.