Pow!Wow! 2015 

Started in Hawaii, POW! WOW! has grown into a global network of art installations, arts education, creative community spaces, and performances, with Long Beach being one of the first stops. 

Distance: 3.3 Miles  |  Difficulty:  ●●

Start this tour of street art from the Psychic Temple, one of the city’s oldest commercial buildings and the headquarters for POW! WOW! Long Beach.  Head east on Broadway before turning left on Elm Avenue and right on 4th Street where there are three different art installations including the ❶ AARON DE LA CRUZ reinterpretation of Park[d] Plaza, the BUMBLEBEE mural on the alley wall of 420 East 4th and a floral art piece by FAFI in front of Lyons Art Supplies. Continue along 4th until turning south on Alamitos Avenue, east into the Alamitos Beach neighborhood on 1st Street for a mural by ❷ CRYPTIK at 44 Alboni Place. Turn west on Ocean Boulevard back into the Downtown, then north on Linden Avenue and west again on 1st Street. Be attentive after crossing Elm Avenue to see the mural from ❸ BENJI ESCOBAR on the former City Hall East Building. Make a left on Long Beach Boulevard, crossing through and descending the stairs under the Terrace Theater Plaza to the Seaside Meeting Rooms where the ❹ JEFF SOTO + LOW BROS mural is located. Head west on Seaside Way and south on Pine Avenue to climb the Convention Center Stairs and find the mural by ❺ JEFF MCMILLAN between Hall B and the Hyatt Regency Hotel.  Walk north along the Promenade until reaching the Harvey Milk Plaza which hosts the WPA era mural, LONG BEACH RECREATION by Henry Nord, Albert King, and Stanton Macdonald Wright. Take a short loop over to Pacific Avenue past The Varden Hotel which hosts two murals by ❻ JAMES JEAN + TRISTAN EATON.  Return back to the Psychic Temple to complete the 2015 POW! WOW! circuit

DETOURHUEMAN + MADSTEEZ mural at J.W. Goodson Salon [2205 East Broadway]. ❽ PUSH  mural at the Expo Arts Center [4321 Atlantic Avenue].

Download Pow!Wow! 2015 Card Here.