Pine & Promenade

The walk in the Downtown core touches a number of neighborhoods while going through the entertainment district of Long Beach, to experience art and architecture as well as great food & beer.

Distance: 2.4 Miles  |  Difficulty:  

Depart from the new GEORGE DUEKEJIAN LOS ANGELES COUNTY COURTHOUSE eastbound on Broadway past the  LONG BEACH CIVIC CENTER COMPLEX.  The embodiment of International Style Architecture, the complex has fittingly starred in science fiction favorites such as Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica & Power Rangers. Next is PINE AVENUE, the culinary center of Long Beach including local favorites La Opera, George’s Greek Cafe & some upstart restaurants with Latin American flavors.  After heading south to Ocean Boulevard, turn left to ❷ THE PROMENADE;  this lushly landscaped pedestrian street is flanked by several parks including HARVEY MILK PARK at the terminus.  It also has a comprehensive public art program crowned by a WPA era mural, ❸ LONG BEACH RECREATION by artists Henry Nord, Albert King, and Stanton Macdonald-Wright.  Sample the microbrew offerings along these three blocks, including Congregation Alehouse & Beachwood BBQ. Continue north on Pine into the historic Downtown retail district past a half-dozen former department stores including WALKER, NEWBERRY and KRESS, of which have been repurposed as high-end lofts.
 Upon reaching 7th Street, make a short loop around Locust Avenue to explore the  NORTH PINE NEIGHBORHOOD including the Temple Lofts, Renaissance Performing Arts High School and International School, designed by famed architect Thom Mayne.  Heading back south along Pacific Avenue & Cedar Avenue will pass an evolution of apartment architecture, spanning the 20th Century.  At the corner of 3rd Street & Cedar Avenue are some of the city’s most significant structures with the ❺ FIRST CONGREGATION CHURCH, WILLMORE, and CALIFORNIAN. Complete this loop, walking west on 3rd Street until reaching Magnolia Avenue.

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