Park Estates

The lush landscape and low-slung modern homes in this prestigious neighborhood seamlessly span the adjacent Recreation Park and California State University, Long Beach campus.

Distance: 2.82 Miles  |  Difficulty:  ●●●○○

Enter into the secluded neighborhood from Pacific Coast Highway where the ❶  LOS ALTOS PARK PLAZA immediately greets visitors. Head southeast on Anaheim Road past a string of garden-style apartment buildings, through verdant front yards and a heavy tree canopy.  Make a left onto La Posada to eventually pass the twin Richard Neutra designed ❷ MOORE AND HAFLEY HOUSES.  Go north on Bryant Road, detouring onto Los Altos Avenue to see the IRWIN RESIDENCE designed by Paul Tay.  Continue on Bryant Road as the sidewalks end and the ESTATE SECTION of Park Estates begins.  Prominently located at the end of Bryant is the ❸ WHALEY RESIDENCE, the first home developed in the neighborhood, for Lloyd Whaley, the developer of Park Estates and many other Postwar Long Beach neighborhoods.  The expansive home was designed by famed architect Paul Revere Williams, the first African American licensed-architect in California.  At the terminus of El Cedral Street is mid-century modern WALTERS HOUSE, designed by local architect Edward A. Killingsworth.  Exit the Estate Section on El Mirador Avenue, making two rights on El Parque Street and Ramillo Avenue.  Richard Neutra’s third home in Park Estates; the ❹ MATLOCK HOUSE is located on the left, about a qxsuarter mile along the way.  A bit further on the right is a pedestrian bridge at the end of Elmfield Avenue that spans Bouton Creek, into ❺ BOUTON CREEK PARK.  Go back onto Ramillo and loop around to El Roble Street where two-thirds down the block is the ALEXANDER HOUSE designed by celebrated modernist, John Lautner. Head southwest on El Prado Avenue until reaching Los Altos Park Plaza, the commercial center of the neighborhood and the origin of this walk.

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