Los Cerritos North

The stroll through this upscale residential neighborhood tucked behind the Virginia Country Club includes many large homes representing a rich tapestry of great architecture.

Distance: 2.45 Miles  |  Difficulty:  

Head southwest on San Antonio Drive from Long Beach Boulevard into the ❶ LOS CERRITOS NEIGHBORHOOD; be aware that the path will bounce back and forth across the street as sidewalks and worn paths are available. Take a right onto Pine Avenue to walk up the palm tree-lined street past the Kirkland Cutter designed Monterey-style CLOCK HOUSE at the corner of Locust Avenue.  Take a moment once reaching Country Club Drive to observe the collection of HISTORIC HOMES around this intersection including the Greene & Greene Craftsman-style REEVES HOME and a pair of homes by Paul Revere Williams, the first African American licensed architect in California.  The homes include the Adams Colonial-style WOOD RESIDENCE and English Manor-style BOSWELL RESIDENCE which is a few doors down, at the end of a short cul de sac.  Walking west, Country Club Drive might appear strangely familiar as many of the homes have served as backdrops for ❸ MODERN MOVIE CLASSICS including “Weird Science,” “Donnie Darko,” “American Pie” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”.  Do not miss the series of ❹ SHORT CUL DE SACS, County Club Drive, Devon Place, Stewart Way
and Mesa Way for more interesting homes.  Going west on Terrylynn Place past more modest homes of the neighborhood, loop left on Del Mar Avenue.  Go back onto San Antonio Drive to walk past  the quaint 
LOS CERRITOS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and LOS CERRITOS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Veer right at Roosevelt Road and continue until turning north on Virginia Road into the denser part of the neighborhood with large
apartment buildings flanking the street.  Take a right onto Claiborne Place before finishing the loop on
Long Beach Boulevard. 

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