Historic High Rises 

Downtown Long Beach’s skyline is made up of towers in all shapes, sizes and architectural styles including many built nearly a century ago along Ocean Boulevard, on Pine Avenue and in the East Village.

Distance: 2.8 Miles  |  Difficulty:  

Start the tour by stretching your neck muscles properly for the constant gazing to the sky, while being mindful of the happenings at street level. Walk up Pine Avenue where many blocks are anchored by well ornamented towers including the Security Pacific at 1st Street, the ❶ FARMERS & MERCHANTS BANK BUILDING at 3rd Street, KRESS LOFTS at 5th Street and the PROFESSIONAL BUILDING at 8th Street. Head south on Cedar Avenue until ❷ THE WILMORE on 3rd Street, jogging one block over onto Chestnut Avenue past the twin Kenneth Wing International Style civic structures POLICE HEADQUARTERS and former COUNTY COURTHOUSE. At Ocean Boulevard the ❸ SOVEREIGN and BLACKSTONE apartment buildings form the western end of historic high-rises on this grand street. Follow Santa Cruz Park & Victory Park east past the twin cupolas of OCEAN CENTER and BREAKERS HOTEL, two of the most defining buildings of Long Beach’s downtown waterfront.  Further east on Ocean Boulevard are the COOPER ARMS & the ARTABAN on the north side, the iconic round International Tower on the south side, then the ❹ VILLA RIVIERA terminating the Eastern End.  Head north on Alamitos Avenue taking a left on 1st Street to witness the colorful reinterpretation of the Mid-Century Modern ROYAL PALMS apartment before turning north on Linden Avenue to the CAMPBELL BUILDING of the Lafayette apartment complex. Turn west on Broadway towards the brick ❺ PACIFIC TOWER before going south on Long Beach Boulevard. At the northeast corner of the 1st Street intersection is the other Kenneth Wing masterpiece, the former CITY HALL EAST, now beautifully converted to residential lofts. Two block west on 1st Street will reach the beginning of the tour of Downtown historic high-rises.

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