Heartwell West

This walk through two beach neighborhoods connects the Second Street business district with the Belmont Pier providing plenty of shopping and restaurants to choose from.

Distance: 3.0 Miles  |  Difficulty:  ●●

Starting at the ❶ WEINGRAY-LAKEWOOD YMCA, travel west into the neighborhood on Tibury Street for a short jaunt into the City of Lakewood.  Lakewood is known as an “Instant City,” having been developed almost entirely in the 1950’s like Levitt Town in New York. Cross Bellflower Boulevard to stroll down the ❷ SHOPS AT VIKING WAY, where independent shops and restaurants await the wandering visitors and local resident alike. Going south across Carson Street is ❸ HEARTWELL PARK, the city’s second largest park containing  RUTH BACH NEIGHBORHOOD LIBRARY, 18-hole golf course, campsites and many recreation fields.  Following the trail west will pass Heartwell Lake and a Flood Control Channel, both part of the region’s stormwater management system.  Leave the park into the ❹ OLD LAKEWOOD CITY neighborhood of Long Beach, a pinnacle of the
Post-War Southern California economic growth from aerospace manufacturing.  These mass produced homes served the workforce of the massive Douglas Aircraft facility (now Boeing) just west of Lakewood Boulevard.  Already over a half century old, streets such as CONANT STREET and MARBER AVENUE have canopies of mature trees that nestle the neighborhoods away from the bustle of the city.  Upon reaching Heartwell Park again, the ❺ HEARTWELL COMMUNITY CENTER hosts everything from community meetings to art classes.  Traversing this portion of the linear park will pass four ball diamonds, a couple soccer fields and a large playground, all sure to be in well use.  Upon reaching the corner of Woodruff Avenue and Carson Street, the trip through the Eastside is complete.

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