The Downtown walk through the East Village Arts District defines the neighborhood’s prominent place as the cultural focus for the City with public art installations, galleries, studios and art museum.

Distance: 2.6 Miles  |  Difficulty:  

From the TERRACE THEATHER PLAZA, walk east along Ocean Boulevard in ❶ VICTORY PARK to view the AQUA TOWER [Andrew Leicester] & DREAM OF SIMULATANEOUS CONNECTIONS [Ned Smyth] art installations. Turn north towards ❷ FIRST STREET for the bohemian café and boutique experience as well as a half dozen mosaic tile pieces, among them PASSING TIME [Kerry Zanders] and TOY CAR PIELUP [Tom Barter].   On Elm Avenue is the ❸ EAST VILLAGE ART PARK [Steve Elicker], an intimate pocket park tucked away from the bustle, filled with artistically crafted benches, fences & stage.  Along Broadway, art pieces are integrated into building facades & streetscape including MYSTIC TIDES [Dean Alexander Smith], Kulture Komet [Patrick Mohr] and HISTORY OF LONG BEACH [Roberto Delgado].   North on Alamitos Avenue are the local cultural landmarks PALACE LOFTS and ST ANTHONY SCHOOL & PARISH.  At 7th Street, the ❹ MUSEUM OF LATIN AMERICAN ART and PACIFIC ISLAND ETHNIC ART together create one of the most significant cultural nodes in the region while anchoring the northeast corner of the District.  On 7th Street are neighborhood creative generators MUNSON LOFTSJET STUDIOS and ARMORY LOFTS.  Bear south along Olive Avenue turning right onto 4th Street until reaching the creative node at 4th Street and Elm Avenue, where local businesses and organizations LYONS ART SUPPLYDEPOT FOR CREATIVE REUSE and ARTS COUNCIL FOR LONG BEACH encourage community participation & appreciation of culture.  At 3rd Street is the ❺ ARTEXCHANGE, an innovative visual arts center including studios, galleries and arts programming and events.  Complete the loop by heading south on Long Beach Boulevard until reaching the fountains of the plaza.

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