DTLB Waterfront

The waterfront stroll combines metropolitan comforts of dining, shopping and entertainment in the Downtown with a deep appreciation for the local watershed and aquatic habitat.

Distance: 3.1 Miles  |  Difficulty:  ●●○○○

Starting from the roundabout on Shoreline Village Drive go north by Marina Green Park to Shoreline Drive. Beyond is ❶ RAINBOW LAGOON, a manmade water body supporting recreational activities as well as a habitat of fish and birds. Rise above via stairs to the PROMENADE, a raised pedestrian walkway connecting the waterfront to the Downtown.  Past the CONVENTION CENTER main entrance, descend the grand staircase into the ❷ PIKE AT RAINBOW HARBOR, an entertainment district of restaurants, theaters, arcade and amusement rides.  Veer left at Aquarium Way back onto Shoreline Drive, which forms the spine of the Grand Prix of Long Beach racetrack.  Take Shoreline below the overpass to climb the stairs and continue towards CATALINA LANDING.   Follow the ramp up to the terrace level and head west toward the ❸ CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CHANCELLORS BUILDING, headquarters to the largest university system in the nation.  Beyond are the Los Angeles River and Golden Shore salt marshes, home to native flora, fauna and wildlife.  Follow the water-edge back under the Queens Way Bridge until reaching the Lighthouse.  After traversing the marsh shore and dune landscape around the peninsula the Rainbow Harbor esplanade connects to the ❹ AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC.   Its architecture, reminiscent of crashing waves contains a central hall with a full-scale model of a humpback whale floating over visitors.  The esplanade continues by various restaurants and shops of the Pike and ❺ SHORELINE VILLAGE as well as a variety of maritime adventures in the adjacent marina.  After passing through the New England style village at Parkers Lighthouse the path reaches the LONG BEACH MARINA and the end of this loop.

Download DTLB Waterfront Card Here.