Downtown Lofts

Find Long Beach history reborn as this stroll through Downtown reveals over a dozen department stores, office buildings and garages repurposed into residential lofts.

Distance: 3.03 Miles  |  Difficulty:  

Start at the edge of the Downtown at Alamitos Avenue and 3rd Street in front of the PALACE LOFTS [former ice skating ring] before heading east to Cerritos Avenue for the ❶ EBELL LOFTS [former theater]. Head back toward Downtown and up Alamitos Avenue until 7th Street. Just one block to the west are three former auto garages, now live/work loft conversions:  AMORY LOFTS, JET STUDIO and MUNSON LOFTS.  Continue west on 7th then 8th Street for a half mile before heading up Locust Avenue to the  MASONIC TEMPLE LOFTS.  Looping around Pine Avenue goes by the American Institute of Architects award-winning COURTYARD LOFTS, which combines two former commercial buildings into an intimate residential community oriented around a lush green space.  Walk down Pine Avenue towards 3rd Street past the three former department stores, converted into high-end residential lofts: ❹ KRESS LOFTS, NEWBERRY LOFTS and WALKER BUILDING. Jog one block over to the Promenade at 3rd Street to the INSURANCE EXCHANGE BUILDING [former clothing store and then juvenile court].  Go east on Broadway up Elm Avenue past 3rd Street to see the two live/work loft conversions: ❺ 312 ELEM AND BAY HOTEL, which are occupied by interesting independent businesses including the appropriately located LONG BEACH DEPOT FOR CREATIVE REUSE.  Take a right onto 4th Street where the creative office complex 4TH + LINDEN [former SST Recording Studio] encompasses the half block.  Head south on Lime Avenue, continuing east on 3rd Street until reaching the beginning of this tour of new beginnings. 

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