Dominguez Gap South

This 40 acre manufactured wetland parallels the Los Angeles River, spanning from North Long Beach to the Southern edge of Virginia Country Club.  The natural landscape and habitat is an urban oasis.

Distance: 2.7 Miles  |  Difficulty:  ●●●●

Stepping down from Del Amo Boulevard into the man-made gully of the DOMINGUEZ GAP extracts you from the real world into a sanctuary of California native landscape & freshwater wetlands; complete with accompanying wildlife of birds, bats and butterflies. Trading off between the dirt trail along the water basin edge, multiple observation decks, and paved bike trail atop the concrete berm of the ❶ LOS ANGELES RIVER provides many vantage points to bird-watch.  On the trails, keep an eye out for walkers, joggers, bicyclists & equestrians.  Traverse the wetlands area toward the southwest, where Compton Creek spills into the Los Angeles River. The wetlands naturally treat upwards of three million gallons of urban runoff & stormwater a day, before conveying the water under the LA River to the West Basin for ground water recharge.  Continue south under the ❷ SAN PEDRO BRANCH RAILROAD BRDIGE before reaching the old Pacific Electric right-of-way and the end of the open space.  Take a detour into the back hills of the ❸ LOS CERRITOS NEIGHBORHOOD, where residential pockets alternate between an eclectic mix of luxury mansions & replicated mid-century style duplexes.  Tucked away is the Los Cerritos Elementary School & Los Cerritos Park, all named after the Rancho Los Cerritos that historically made up the west half of Long Beach.  Head back into the Dominguez Gap walking north along the east edge of the wetlands area past ❹  VIRGINIA COUNTRY CLUB and the former WILL REID BOY SCOUT CAMPGROUNDS  until reaching the end of the loop.

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