Craftsman Village

Take a stroll through this first ring suburban neighborhood made up of California bungalows, Spanish Revival cottages and even some stately Victorian-style holdouts.

Distance: 2.1 Miles  |  Difficulty:  

Start this walk with a roadmap; the CRAFTSMAN VILLAGE MURAL profiles the history of the neighborhood from the famous silent film actors that once resided here to the diverse families that currently do.  Go east on 7th Street turning north along ❶ TOLEDO WALK; a pedestrian-only right-of-way, flanked by cottages and large homes that create a quaint escape from the busy thoroughfare left behind.  Take a right on Hellman Street past dozens of California bungalows with other homes and apartment buildings sprinkled between.  Hopping back onto 7th Street, the path passes the ❷ GARVEY HOUSE and KINER HOUSE, a pair of large Victorian-Style homes that harken back to an earlier era for the corridor.  Next door, the neighborhood fixture AKI-BAI PLU is home to some of the best Thai food and sushi in Long Beach.  Enter back into the Craftsman Village on Gardena Avenue, going west on 8th Street, jogging over to 9th Street until reaching the ❸ GOTAMA BUDDHIST TEMPLE at Orange Avenue .  Turn left to walk past the first of two Spanish-Revival Style cottage courts at 9TH PLACE [formerly known as Ewart Court].  Just beyond is the newly completed CRAFTSMAN PARK, an intimate pocket park serving the neighborhood.  Head west on Hellman Street before going south on Alamitos Avenue past the second cottage court at BRENNER PLACE.  Continue south until reaching 6th Street where the ❹ MUSUME OF LATIN AMERICAN ART and PACIFIC ETHNIC ISLANDS ART MUSEUM flank Alamitos Avenue.  Go east on 6th Street until reaching FRANKLIN CLASSICAL MIDDLE SCHOOL. Then walk north on Cerritos Avenue until 7th Street, reaching the origin of this walk through early suburban Long Beach. 

Download Craftsman Village Card Here.