Bluff Park 

Take in the finest examples of many styles of architecture from stately mansions to multi-family buildings including many historic landmarks along the bluffs .

Distance: 2.15 Miles  |  Difficulty:  

Start west along Broadway through the ON-BROADWAY commercial district, an eclectic collection of small businesses including clothing shops, daily essentials and restaurants. Hop between Broadway and 2nd Street until Temple Avenue where the ❶ HOUSER BUILDING towers above the surrounding single-story commercial buildings. Jump back onto 2nd Street a block west to catch the Colonial Revival style HEARTWELL/LOWE HOUSE anchoring the northeast corner at Lindero Avenue. Head south along Kennebec Avenue, crossing Ocean Boulevard to the ❷ LONG BEACH MUSEUM OF ART. The campus of three buildings, two of which are historical landmarks,  had previous lives as a Navy Officers Club, Club Casa California Real and a private home. Stroll east along BLUFF PARK, a picturesque linear park that provides an incredible location to catch sunsets and 4th of July fireworks. Take a detour into the neighborhood to see more of the stately homes along 1st Street before heading past the mid-century modern ❸ GALAXY TOWER. Along Ocean Boulevard are some the finest examples of most every architectural style in Long Beach, including Craftsman, Spanish Revival, Modern and Tudor-style. Among them are ❹ WEATHERING HEIGHTS and the MODEL UNIT, called such as it was the sales display unit for an unrealized high-rise, the Marina Tower. Walk past Lone Sailor Maritime Memorial in the park before heading north along Redondo Avenue to the ❺ LONG BEACH SAGELY MONASTERY a former convent that transitioned to a Buddhist Monastery. The resident monks can be seen every day tending to the shrine of the Virgin Mary. Redondo Avenue will lead back to the Broadway business district and the start
of this walk.

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