Bluff Heights 

Explore the nooks and crannies of this vintage neighborhood complete with local schools, religious institutions unique small businesses.

Distance: 2.02 Miles  |  Difficulty:  

From Broadway, walk north along Redondo Avenue, totake a left on the Vista Avenue Bike Boulevard, entering into the BLUFF HEIGHTS HISTORIC LANDMARK DISTRICT. Within one block, ❶ Horace Mann Elementary begins to encompass the view with its collection of eclectic white structures. Go north along Colorado Avenue until Third Street, taking a left to view Immanuel Church, which had been recently repurposed as a senior living community. Take a right up Obispo Avenue to reach the east end of ❷ WINNIPEG PLACE, a short curving street with a mix of homes and apartment buildings of varying styles of architecture. Follow this until returning to Third Street, going west until Orizaba Avenue which is anchored on the two east corners by the Arabic BIBLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH and the ESPEY/LOCHRIDGE HOUSE, a unique home featuring Tudor-Revival proportions and distinct Craftsman design elements. Turn North again along Orizaba then left onto Colorado Avenue which goes two and a half blocks until it becomes Colorado Place as it turns south. The cottages and buildings are on smaller lots, forcing the structures closer to the sidewalk which provides a more engaging pedestrian experience withporches within speaking distance of the sidewalk. Head west along Third Street again just past the ❸ CAMBODIAN BUDDHIST TEMPLE before ducking left into a paseo flanked by Spanish-Revival style cottages and duplexes that drops onto Wisconsin Avenue. Wisconsin leads to the ❹ ON-BROADWAY BUSINESS DISTRICT, a collection of local businesses including shops, restaurants and services. Head east along Broadway with occasional detours back into the neighborhood on Vista Street, reaching the beginning of the walk on Broadway.

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