Belmont Shore 1 

This walk through two beach neighborhoods connects the Second Street business district with the Belmont Pier providing plenty of shopping and restaurants to choose from.

Distance: 3.1 Miles  |  Difficulty:  ●●

Start at Redondo Avenue and Second Street in TROLLEY PARK where the former Pacific Electric Streetcar began its turn from Redondo Avenue toward Livingston Drive. Second Street & Euclid Avenue are flanked by apartments & condominiums spanning nearly a century of architectural typologies. Head towards Grand Avenue and Livingston Drive where you will find some of the finest examples of 1930’s courtyard housing including ❶ CASA GRANDE. Continue along Livingston Drive towards Belmont Avenue by a collection of classic Southern California fourdoor quadplexes. Take a detour along Second Street for five blocks through Belmont Heights until Livingston Drive become a greenbelt. ❷ LIVINGSTON PARK is home to one of the most popular children playgrounds in Long Beach. Cut across the park at St. Joseph Avenue to discover a secret paseo that cuts through entire length of Belmont Shore. A block south is the ❸ SECOND STREET BUSINESS DISTRICT, a half-mile long beach town main street that serves locals and visitors alike with restaurants, shops and neighborhood services. Stop by MURPHY’S PUB which has the best view of the action from its second floor patio. Weave through the narrow neighborhood streets populated with vintage cottages & duplexes until reaching the beach. Nearby is the Belmont Pier and BELMONT PLAZA OLYMPIC POOL, the aquatic venue for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Take a seat on the outdoor patio of the BELMONT BREWING COMPANY to sample the offerings of Long Beach’s original microbrewery, established long before the global movement caught fire. Continue West along Ocean Boulevard is ❺ BLUFF PARK, a mile long linear park that opens to a panoramic view of the San Pedro Harbor, from Palos Verdes all the way to Dana Point. Turn north on Redondo to complete the circuit.

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