Belmont Heights South

Experience the diverse offerings this  community has to offer from the Colorado  Lagoon to a series of cottage lanes and neighborhood serving businesses.

Distance: 3.25 Miles  |  Difficulty:  

From Broadway, head north along Redondo Avenue for one block, taking a right at the Vista Bike Boulevard, into the BELMONT HEIGHTS NEIGHBORHOOD. Head north on Loma Avenue for a couple blocks past the beautifully renovated ❶ TEMPLE ISRAEL, which thoughtfully mixes new contemporary architecture with its historic mid-century modern core. Take a right onto Colorado Street where the BROWNS COURT APARTMENTS are on the left and a few blocks further the ALL SAINTS CHURCH anchors to southeast corner at Termino Avenue. Take Termino a couple blocks north to 4th Street where there is a collection of small businesses including coffee, pastries and yoga as well as ❷ FREAMONT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Go east on 4th Street, ducking south along Lucille Avenue to see the quant little cottages on BAKER WAY. Continue back on 4th Street turning right on Roycroft Avenue to walk a block before stopping at ❸ MA N' PA GROCERY to catch a snack and some daily essentials. Make a left onto Colorado Street and walk a few blocks until Appian Way to see the ❹ COLORADO LAGOON. Double back on Colorado and turn left onto ELLIOT LANE, another cute collection of small vintage cottages. Turn right onto 3rd Street, walking a half mile before finding another neighborhood gem, the STARTLING DINER. Go a bit further to see on the right is the ❺ BELMONT HEIGHTS METHODIST CHURCH, though the view is more impressive from Mira Mar Avenue a few doors south of 3rd. Continue on Mira Mar to make a right on Broadway to visit neighborhood including shops, restaurants, pubs and cafes. Taking these five blocks west is will reach the start of this walk through Belmont Heights.

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