Alamitos Beach Housing

This stroll through one of Long Beach’s densest residential neighborhoods include a number of local eateries and some of the finest examples of courtyard housing in Southern California.

Distance: 2.5 Miles  |  Difficulty:  

Head north on Junipero Avenue from Broadway to pass JAVA JUNCTION, a staple of Long Beach coffee shops & take a right on ❶ LOWENA DRIVE to find a half dozen Chateau-style townhouse structures arranged along an L-shaped street.  Go east on 3rd Street toward a cluster of Spanish-revival style cottages flanking a similar L-shaped pedestrian lane.  Turn north into ❷ CARROL PARK, a rich potpourri of vintage homes before reaching a narrow lane of duplexes toward the north-eastern edge of the neighborhood.  Walk west, until heading south on Junipero to 3rd Street which passes a pair of Craftsman style homes designed by the noted Greene brothers.  Turn right on 3rd Street and pass great examples of courtyard style apartment buildings including CASA NIDO, THE ALVARADO, EL CORDOVA APARTMENTS/ROSE TOWERS and HENLEY COURT. Between Cherry & Hermosa Avenues is the ❸ ALAMITOS BEACH LIBRARY, a quaint neighborhood institution. Head south on Falcon Avenue past local favorite PIZZA PALACE until going left on 1st Street. To the left is ❹ EDISON PLACE, an intimate lane of historic duplexes built as model homes of the future, wired for electricity and lighting as well as built-in appliances like stoves and refrigerators. Continue toward THE BARCELONA, a courtyard housing project reminiscent of El Cordova but with slightly different updates over the past century.  Head South on Cherry Avenue, passing the more recent Spanish-Revival courtyard housing complex PARK REGENCY.  Go northeast through ❺ BIXBY PARK, one of the oldest parks in Long Beach and host to everything from a historic band shell to the skateboarding plaza, a landmark of Southern California skate culture, until coming full-circle on this walk.  

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